5 Steps to make your website SEO friendly

5 Steps to make your website SEO friendly

inMar 31, 2021

At Localz Digital, we are aware that the brand that does not have an online existence in the era of technology is a no-brand at all. Your social media presence and how you interact with the updates of your industry is the gate to growth hacking. And your solid-based website is the main point to attracting potential clients, and making this website optimized is one of the golden tickets to join the big tycoons out there, or Search Engine Optimization friendly. 


What is SEO?

Optimizing your website is the strategy of enhancing the quality and quantity of your website content in order to appear in the very first pages of Google’s search results. This reflects the value of your services or products to your clients and potential clients. One of the ways to optimize your website is choosing the right keywords that fit the nature and characteristics of your brand to make your beneficial content pop every time one of your target audience searches for the product or service that you offer on Google. 


The importance of SEO for your brand

Statistics show that 85% of Google’s researchers only trust the very first three results of the search process. So, when your website has what we call brand discoverability, it simply pops as one of the first results in Google, giving your brand name the credibility it thrives to have. 


How to optimize your website for search engines?

  • Build backlinks: One of the requirements to optimize your website for search engines is to build solid backlinks. You can simply achieve that by creating a worth sharing and mentioning content that is written and designed for your buyer’s persona so other websites and social media accounts feel the urge to share it and notice it on their platforms. This shows your audience that what you offer is valuable, not fake, and worth giving it a shot. 


  • Optimizing your website pages: The website admin gets the chance to work on the structure of the website itself by making sure that the URLs of the website have the right keywords in them. They also optimize the alternative text of all the pictures inserted in the website, the meta description tags, in addition to updating the page’s headings and guarantee that the content uploaded on the website is relative to the target audience. 


  • Enhancing the internal links: The internal links of your website play a vital role in its ranking on Google’s search results. The admin has to make sure that the main website pages are connected to each other. They can also give the pages notability by mentioning one page in another one, like hyperlinking a blog in another blog for example.


  • Using Semantic Web: Using machine-interpretable metadata of the published content is one of the steps to optimize your website, it helps you have featured snippets on Google’s search results, images, and even reviews and feedback. This increases the frequency of clicks on your featured URL which will eventually help in making your website SEO friendly. 


  • Picking relevant keywords for your business: Choosing a good number of keywords to work on in your content helps your target audience to get in touch with the service or product you provide and compare it to the other competitors. It can also help them to directly purchase online and take fast decisions. All to increase your brand discoverability in an organic matter. 


  • Archiving all your website pages on Google: This step helps you to prevent your website from being stolen, increases your chances to be featured on Google’s very first search results, and strengthens your copyrights. In order for you to archive your website pages, you need to:
  • Create an XML Sitemap.
  • Create an account on Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Use the Fetch As Google tool.
  • Use your social media accounts to promote your website.
  • Use backlinks from other credible websites. 

At the end of the day, all you need to know is that archiving your website pages is not a one-time thing to do, you need to add, update, edit and enhance the process daily, or every time you update your website so you could keep things clean.


Make your website SEO friendly with Localz

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