7 steps to have a sky-high ROI

7 steps to have a sky-high ROI

inAug 12, 2021

We are aware of how important it is for every marketing manager to see a positive change in his company’s ROI. But, with all the budget cuts happening for so many reasons, one of them is covid, things are getting harder every day. This is why we are discussing 7 straight to point points that present the solution to a better ROI with minimum spendings, allowing you to crush the competition fairly. 


How to increase your brand’s ROI?

1- Reinforce your digital presence: We will say this again and again and again in each blog we write, because in this era if your brand is not on the digital map, then you don’t exist, even if your product/service is the best among your competitors. You need to get your audiences by going to them and not quite the opposite. 


2- Allocate your budget wisely: Your budget is the core of your campaign, it’s what makes you expand more and walk the extra mile to go to your client. This is why you should spend it wisely as much as you can. This does not mean you need to know the perfect marketing mix in order to win it, but at least focus on having a well-thought strategy that pours into your basic goals and objectives of this campaign.


Spend on your target: One of the biggest mistakes most marketing managers make is to allocate their budget for a specific digital platform based on how popular this platform is, nothing more and nothing less, while they should spend more and direct their budget whenever their target audience are. 


Test, test, test: Testing to figure out what is effective with your brand, what attracts your audience is a force not to underestimate. Testing won’t get you fast results, but it definitely will have a long-term effect on your brand’s sales. The power of testing things out is your one-way ticket to a sky-high ROI at the end of the day. 


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket: Testing is perfect, we totally recommend it for you, but what we are not on board with is allocating 100% of your budget to testing, that’s suicide. You need to direct even a small portion of your budget to a strategy, platform, and a plan you have tested before and it worked great with your goal, audience, and brand. Doing this will end up balancing your outcome, and giving you more chances to even test more, as long as you are increasing your ROI even if it was just baby steps, you will eventually grow up into a guru. 


3- Monitor your tools and snatch the right metrics: In order for you to be able to measure your success you have to choose the metrics that go along with what you want to measure. Tools and metrics are everywhere, but what really fits you? Using tools will make sure you are on the right track when it comes to accurately following up your campaign’s results. Instead, direct them to a more efficient way to help them organize their tasks better with the right tools. Those tools don’t have to be super expensive, they just have to be the ones your team really needs. Your investment is worth it when it is all about the team. 


4- Use Better Tools: Content Marketing is not only about the money, but also time and effort, this is why you need to work smarter, not harder. Spare everything that could absorb the energy out of your team, and waste their manpower in vain.


5- Invest more in the content: Let your content be your brand’s voice and foundation, the reason behind your ROI. This will happen when you publish content that goes well with your Buyer’s Persona and their own needs. Make sure this content is consistent, don’t start out strong then fade halfway. One of the biggest secrets to successful content is consistency and development. By following the previous points you will be able to convert more clients and that increases your ROI.


6- Get Your Sales Team’s Back: Helping and following up with the sales team is one of the best marketers’ traits to have, it shows out how professional you are, and how aware of the ancient relationship between sales and marketing. Paving the road for them will boost a lot of ROI into both of your favors. All you need to do is break their progress into numbers and reports to see where things go wrong to fix it, and where exactly when it’s right to keep that spirit. 


7- Keep an Eye on The Competitors: Want to reach the highest conversions of your life without trying things out? Without failing, more than once actually, till you reach your goal? All you need to do is to keep an eye on the game, and by the game, we mean your competitors. What content are they using? What tone of voice are they talking to their consumers with? Do they use paid ads frequently or not? And most importantly, what mistakes have they fallen to make? 


Phrasing the right answers to all the previously mentioned points will get your brand to achieve the highest ROI levels in the market. And investing in your team is the most right investment you will ever be able to make. Whether it’s courses, workshops, or discussions, it is going to be reflected positively on your brand. 


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