Digital Marketing Latest News

Digital Marketing Latest News

inApr 11, 2021

Here comes our Digital Marketing Latest News from Localz to get to know all the recent updates, and this week we noticed: 


Linkedin Releases its “Video Cover Story”

The world’s most famous employment platform, Linkedin, has announced the release of its latest feature “Video Content Story” which allows the users to shoot short introductory videos to let people know more about their services. Once you add your own video an orange halo appears on your profile picture that is called the “Harry Potter Effect”. 




TikTok & Tesla announce their partnership as of April’s Fool

American electric vehicle and clean energy company, Tesla has announced its partnership with video-sharing social networking tycoon, TikTok through a new feature that allows users to shoot TikTok videos inside their Tesla vehicle. The whole news turned out to be an April’s fool joke afterward. 




Facebook gets ready to compete with Clubhouse via Hotline

Facebook has launched the beta version of its new application Hotline to give its users the whole social audio experience in group rooms where they can have any kind of Q&As. 




Instagram adds the Reels Remix feature to the table

Walking on the same path as TikTok Duets, Instagram has announced its Reels Remix to allow its users to add another video to their original clip as in dance challenges for example. 




Facebook & Linkedin data breach freaks users out

Over the past few weeks, the main news was the data breach of 530 million users on Facebook and 500 million users on Linkedin, where the personal information became public. Moreover, Facebook platform has made it clear that those malicious actors have used the Find My Friends feature to hack the users back in September 2019 and since then they have updated their privacy settings, while Linkedin said that they are making several security procedures to keep their users trust.



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