Facebook IQ Insights are out to reveal more about consumer behaviors in Ramadan

Facebook IQ Insights are out to reveal more about consumer behaviors in Ramadan

inApr 13, 2021

Facebook IQ, Facebook’s insights and research division, in partnership with YouGov, a global public opinion and data company, has unveiled findings of a study conducted during Ramadan 2020, with over 17,000 respondents across eleven countries including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The research that took place in Ramadan 2020 has conducted around 1,500 interviews to represent different demographics, including adult males and females from different age groups. The research showed the changes and adaptation of those groups to the new pandemic of covid-19 that we are facing, resulting in a shift in their purchasing habits and consuming behaviors. 

Although gathering with family and loved ones is Ramadan’s favorite ritual, the pandemic has taken that away from us which made us more open to much free time that usually gets spent online. These changes made some room for new industries to bloom, such as e-commerce. And this is why Facebook decided to unveil 6 major pieces of advice that could help the Saudi market to adapt to the new changes and how to digitally prepare their brands for Ramadan:


1- Giving Back: The research has pointed to that 73% of the participants have declared that they tend to buy from brand’s who find a way to do good deeds, the ones who simply recognize their corporate social responsibilities. So, giving a margin of your profit to non-profit organizations or even releasing a charitable project yourself is a nice touch. 


2- Getting advantage of smartphones: Facebook has made it clear that brands should make their digital presence their number one priority; digital presence is not the future of marketing, it’s an essential present. Research has shown that 44% of Saudi’s spend much longer time on their phones in Ramadan for online shopping. They surf through the different offers and discounts to hunt the most convenient one for them. This is why Facebook believes that Ramadan is the right time for paid ads targeting your consumers to reach them among the different social media platforms. 


3- Using partnerships and social media influencers:  50% of consumers trust your product or service when influencers suggest it on a post or a story. Their presence gives your brand that credibility and trust it longs for. The research also showed that people tend to get inspired by influencers, regarding what to buy and what to consume through their favorite.


4- Coping to the consumer behavior change: The Saudi shoppers have expressed their opinions that they feel 3 times more secure when they shop online instead of physically going to the store. And this result is connected to the latest COVID-19 pandemic that we are facing. This is why Facebook suggests that brands start coping and adapting to the health procedures that the Saudi people are looking for, even if it means to 100% shift to online shopping.   


5Paid ads all month long: There is a miss consumption among most marketers that they don’t have to spend a penny on paid ads once Ramadan starts. This is totally wrong! The statistics have revealed that 19% of the research participants have confirmed that they had pre-Ramadan shopping plans that go a month before it, but only 17% of them said they did all the shopping they needed before Ramadan. This means that the majority are still getting their essential needs all month long, which leaves you as a marketer much more time to advertise.  


Offers and promotions: Consumers are looking around them everywhere to seize the day and offers, discounts, and promotions. A shopper would never resist the temptation of a get two-for-one offer even if the discount is not that worth it anyway. The research has revealed that 60% of the Saudi consumers are monitoring the offers and discounts of Ramadan through Facebook. 


There are a lot of preparations that could help your brand stand out during the holy month, but on top of it all is your digital presence, through it you can give your target audience what they really need, what they have been looking for. This research has proved that your digital presence along with your understanding of your consumers is the key to a successful month filled with ROI increment.