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Why do we need social media Marketing?

Every business can greatly benefit from social media marketing. There is NO exception. The benefits of social media marketing vary depending on your business industry, but if you want to meet your target audience or bring in new clients, they’re online. Period.
Simply, social media marketing is meeting your clients wherever they are by developing relationships, building trust and sharing valuable content with them. And then promoting your product or service to them directly.

Do you work with clients who are out of state or in another country?

Yes, we work with clients all across the MENA region and beyond.

What types of clients do you work with?

We work primarily with B2B clients, with anywhere.

Will you recommend other digital marketing agencies if we're not a good match?

Absolutely! If we cannot help you with your marketing needs, we will help you get in touch with someone who can. We have built an extensive network of agency partners whom we work with regularly and trust

How long will it take to see results from social media marketing?

Social media marketing is not a short term solution, it is a long term investment. Because of this, we set the expectation that it will take a minimum of 6 months before consistent results occur. As it takes time to build relationships based on trust and credibility with online audiences before leads turn into sales.

Social media seems expensive, Why?

Hiring a social media agency or strategist is an investment in your business that should be taken seriously.
Why would you want to put the integrity of your business in the hands of anyone who isn’t experienced, educated, and knowledgeable about representing your brand professionally and consistently?
The reputation of your brand is worth it. In addition, prices are quoted at a monthly rate but should be considered on a weekly/daily/hourly manner.
So, social media is not simply posting to social platforms. To be successful, specialists spend a lot of time planning, strategizing, creating, implementing and testing in the background.

Why is SEO important?

If you own a business or manage a website of any kind, you likely want to target audiences to visit it. SEO is important because it’s specifically aimed at helping do just this; improve the online presence and traffic for a website.
SEO helps you show up at the most important stage of your customer’s journey when they are actively looking for products and services you offer, or resources and information for which you have expert insights.

What does a typical SEO growth journey look like?

The Beginning (0-6 months):

The first 6 months of any SEO effort is almost always exclusively dedicated to fixing mistakes, fine-tuning, and closing the gap between what your website has in place and current SEO best practices. Once completed, these efforts can have ongoing and compounding benefits for years to come. The newly accessible and optimized pages start earning rankings and traffic, which foster more links, more exposure, more sharing, and more business.

The Turning Point (6-18 months):

Eventually, the list of actionable, immediate fixes and optimizations depletes. At this point, your website will hit an ``SEO Plateau.``
In order to reach the next growth plateau (between campaign months 6-18), you must invest in new strategies, such as:
New Keywords & Content
New Verticals & SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Features
Additional SERP Domination
Moving Up the Buyer Funnel
International/Multi-Language Targeting.

Is your agency able to produce digital creative that meets your clients’ branding guidelines? Is there an extra cost for this?

Yes. This is performed in-house, at no additional cost outside the agreed-upon content development scope between the LOCALZ and our clients

Does your agency specialize in content marketing? If so, please elaborate on specific deliverables your agency is able to write/create on a client’s behalf.

Yes, we’re experts in developing and deploying content marketing campaigns for our clients.
Specific content deliverables include, but are not limited to: owned blog content, earned blog content placement, infographics, white-papers, photo edits, video edits, landing pages, webpages, executive interviews, etc.

Please explain the 6-month commitment.
It takes a minimum of 6 months to generate consistent growth and ROI. Although results vary depending on industry type, it is best to set that expectation up front.
However, both parties are given the option to discontinue services at any time with a 30-day notice.

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