How the new normal affected consumers’ behavior around the globe?

How the new normal affected consumers’ behavior around the globe?

inApr 01, 2021

For a year now, the entire globe has been witnessing the outbreak of COVID-19 that gave our daily lives a 180-degree shift. Quarantine, social distancing, pandemic, epidemic, and flattering the curve; new terminologies and expressions are looming to change our day-to-day conversations, adding a darker vocabulary. This new normal as we call it now has offered consumers no choice but to adapt their purchasing habits and behaviors to fit the mold they found themselves in.

It all started with minor changes in people’s everyday routine that grew big by the time that it affected their perspectives, mental health, priorities, and even the way they think.

In addition to all the previous changes, COVID-19 has also caused a shift in people’s purchase patterns; while everyone is trying to cope with the situation, they ended up offering new consumer behaviors to the world. But how are the globe adapting to the new normal we are living during Coronavirus?

These are the patterns we witnessed, read statistics about, and even experienced ourselves!

E-Commerce is rising sky-high!

No wonder how people who have loved online shopping for years and been mocked for it are now on top of the game, giving tips and tricks for the newbies who have just joined the party!

It has been proved that both Gen Z (those born in the 2000s) and millennials (the 90’a so-called kids) are engaging more in the e-commerce industry to avoid going out in public to buy new cloth, electronics, personal care products and more.


Essentials Come First!

In a way to adapt with the new normal, consumers are going towards the fact of “Shop more, but for the essentials only” is the new trend people are shifting their spending to direct it to the main home essentials to keep their savings in case anything goes wrong. Months before, you would probably buy the stuff you do not need, just because you can afford it now, with minimal thinking of “Do I really need to buy this item?”, “Is it essential?”. These questions have been raised more during the hard times we are living now.


It’s the golden year of VOD

It’s hard to sit like this for 24 hours straight; even if you’re working from home, you need a breath from all the changes happening in this world!

The numbers have proved that the Video-On-Demand (VOD) services have the time of their lives during the crises. With lots of people subscribing to Netflix, Disney, Watch IT, and Shahid to kill the moments of boredom.


Fintech is finally blooming in Egypt!

In the past few years, the Egyptian government has been trying to introduce the world of financial technology to the Egyptian streets to digitalize financial transactions. All these efforts were not as effective as the natural outbreak we are living now. People are forced -whether they like it or not- to avoid hand-to-hand financial transactions to keep themselves safe and sound, using smart wallets and e-payment networks which positively affected this growing industry.


 Content is KING!

Gen-Z and millennials have been using Tik-Tok, Facebook, Youtube more and more as the quarantine goes. Everybody wants to pass the time by recording a fun video, imitating a public figures’ body language, posting a song cover, or even teaching people how to cook! All talents have been discovered, while all these platforms visitors have tripled in no time, just because of a health catastrophe.

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