How to convert a potential buyer into a client?

How to convert a potential buyer into a client?

inMay 27, 2021

Every website visitor, social media liker, and inquiry message sender is a potential consumer. They are surrounding your brand everywhere, some you can see, some reach you, and some you need to walk the extra mile and pop up for them wherever they are. 


And of course, every Marketing Manager’s dream is to convert those potential buyers into a successful purchase which will turn them later on into loyal clients. 


Types of Potential Buyers 

Those potential buyers have so many layers to them than just having one or two things in common. You need to start out by knowing their personas, 

only then you can be introduced to the three distinguished types, which are: 


  • Cold: Those who know nothing about your brand, have no idea that you even exist but maybe he is one of your competitors’ clients or has even thought about trying your product/ service one day! 


  • Warm: An audience that has shown interest in your product/service by visiting your website or liking some of your social media posts, maybe commented once to ask “How much is this one?”. Still, they did not make a purchase yet!  


  • Hot: This one is definitely your favorite! It’s that one client that has been through the awareness stage of your brand, then grew a great interest in it to finally end up as a closed lead after purchasing your service/product maybe one time or even more! 


How to convert those different types?

You can not use the same marketing tactics to get three different types of clients, that would be a huge waste of time, money, and effort for you and your marketing team! 


All you need to do is to address the different needs of those buyers according to the stages they are at in their buyer’s journey so you could target them with the right content, for example: 


Cold Leads: They need you to pay more attention to your brand’s awareness stage. Make sure your website has a full descriptive “About” of who you are and what do your brand offers?


Post more awareness content on your different social media accounts on several platforms to let them know a little bit more about you.


Go big by pushing things forward with some paid ads and SEM, you can target those who like the SM pages of your competitors for example, or those who have searched for the product/service that you are offering.


Warm Leads: It’s time for some offers to get those warm money. Maybe a discount code for those who are having their first purchase? A buy one gets two, or even better, a special offer for those who purchase with someone else, like a friend or a family member. 


You can use posting some evergreen content for them, some tips and tricks, educational content, or a how-to blog, those will do to build the trust and convert their attention into a closed deal. 


Paid ads are the answer in this case too, since targeting people who are already interested in your product gives you more prospectivity of them clicking on the ad to become a lead. 


Hot Leads: Most marketers tend to get busy by acquiring a new client, and when they do they stop thinking about how to keep them in the game!


They only care about the stages of their buyer’s persona: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, Advocacy, and Loyalty. Then tend to forget all about the Post-Purchasing Services part! 


Converting a potential client isn’t a game over, you need to keep chasing them with useful content. But, how to get someone who is already a client? 


You can start out by taking their feedback on their last purchase, do special offers for old consumers, an SMS campaign, and Messenger and WhatsApp promotional messages to make sure you recreate the need for them to have their next purchase.

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