How to master content marketing?

How to master content marketing?

inApr 19, 2021

Every day your target audiences get exposed to thousands of posts and hundreds of good-quality content from different brands, all fighting over your audiences’ attention. So how do you make sure to stand out? 

We discussed before in previous blogs the importance of your digital presence, and how optimizing your website for search engines could affect where you stand among other brands, and how your audiences will trust your brand in case you verified your social media accounts. But, do you know the one thing that tops all this? What is the one thing that without it all the previously mentioned points will go in vain? Content! 

“Content is king” is the most famous phrase that marketers say when talking about content since they are the ones who know and believe the effect of content marketing on consumers and decision-makers. 

In this article, we will learn how to master content marketing to see effective results of increasing your brand’s return on investment successfully. 


How to overcome your competitors?

Let’s get real for a second. Your brand has a lot of competition, all of them are aware of the importance of digital presence. All of them are posting about their products and services, writing many blogs weekly, and launching paid ads everywhere to keep up with the flow. So, why would your audience pick your brand in particular among all these temptations around? 

What keeps you apart  is how you study your audience before writing for him, knowing your buyer’s persona will make it easier for you to get the right direction of your content. For example, if your content is directed at young women, your word choice and color palette would definitely suit their nature. On the other hand, if you are writing for kids, your language should be the simplest you can, while your artwork should include cartoon characters, keeping in mind that when it comes to kids, the decision-making is mostly the mother. 

So, putting a marketing segmentation map for your audience will greatly affect the angle and direction of your content. Who are your audiences? How old are they? What are their interests? What holiday do they celebrate? What concerns them? What do they do for a living? How do they make decisions? What is their average income? and more. If you can answer all these questions you will be able to see straight so your content could be tailored for your personas. Only then your audience will feel that your brand is one of them, a brand that speaks their language. 


Types of Content Marketing 

Social Media Posts.




Email Campaigns.



Motion Graphics.



The importance of frequency

One blog is not enough, and one post is not enough too! Of course, your familiarity with your audience gives you a head start, but knowing without doing is like getting a plant but not watering it, eventually, it will die! 

Frequency is the key to get your audiences’ attention, it’s the best way to seize the opportunity and convert them. Let us clarify the concept of frequency more, in case you post one blog at a certain time of the day; some of your target audience will notice it, few would put a like on it, fewer would comment, and maybe no one would share. This happens as a result of your audiences’ tight free time, and the huge amount of other content that surrounds them. This is why studying the best times to post and knowing that frequency is the key, will help you reach more of your audience and get the interaction you have been longing for.