How to verify your brand’s Twitter account in no time?

How to verify your brand’s Twitter account in no time?

inMar 31, 2021

A company that does not have an online presence is a company that does not exist! It does not reach its target audience, does not get the needed attention for its services or products, and definitely a company that has the lowest ROI of all. One of the most proving points that you have a strong online presence is a verified Twitter account. 


Why do you need to verify your brand’s social media accounts?

Your brand goes through a long complicated process till it gets verified, and although it’s a long trip, it sure adds a lot of credibility to your brand, giving your clients the full transparency experience. It also allows you to hunt the copyrights violations, brand name thieves in addition to the opportunity to close any fake accounts of your brands.


How to verify your brand’s Twitter account?

  • Establishing a bilingual website

Your English and Arabic website contributes hugely in increasing your brand’s share of voice among the competitors. It also keeps you one step ahead of them, where you can give your target audience what they are looking for with a set of organized services and products displayed on the website. Your website is the gate for your target consumers to know more about you, your company’s goals, objectives, the scope of work, and even future plans. They can also order online, browse items to purchase, read other customers’ feedback of your products or services and seize the current offers and discounts. 


  • Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website

Adapting your website to the Search Engines Optimization, for example, the one and only Google is one of the most important phases of your verification journey. And one of the steps that will help you do so is archiving all your website’s pages on google, enhancing the meta tags and headings, inserting backlinks, and a lot of other technical details that you need to take good care of to pull this out. 


  • Launching a widely-circulated PR campaign

It is known that releasing a PR campaign, where your brand’s name is mentioned in approximately 15-20 news stories in different digital newspapers is one of the main requirements of SM accounts verification. It allows your brand to gain the trust of its target audiences, it means your brand is authentic, your products are real, your services are actually beneficial, and you’re on top of your competitors.


  • Having a page on Wikipedia 

Having your brand’s own page on Wikipedia gives your target audience the full trust package, as a result of Wikipedia’s transparency and how hard the process of adding a page for your brand is. One of Wikipedia’s criteria is for your website to have the required notability, which is being mentioned and referred to by other websites with great SEO. This point can easily be applied with the steps mentioned in the previous point; creating a widely-circulated PR campaign. 


  • Having 10K active followers

Having this many interested followers will help your content conquer the internet, appear on the first page of Google, and get organic backlinks. What will help you achieve all that is to create authentic, related, and informative content that suits the nature of your buyer persona This will organically put your brand ahead of your competitors, getting mentioned by customers in their stories, or being referred to on another website, all will give your brand the lift it needs. Getting the right audience will help you celebrate your brand’s notability which will, later on, result in having brand discovery and more exposure for your brand.


  • Owning a paid ads account that had 10K US Dollars spent on

One of the vital steps of your verification journey is to have an active paid ads account that has been creating sponsored campaigns with a total of 10K US dollars. The paid campaigns help your product or service to reach the right target audience to give your brand the right stimulators to grow in numbers and revenues. At the end of the day, the right content, directed to the right audience, only needs a gentle push to break through into a great ROI.


  • Finishing all the paperwork

At Localz, we manage to handle all the previously mentioned requirements to verify your brand’s social media accounts, all you need to know is to fill this forum of Twitter verification, and we will make it happen! Starting with creating your website till we reach the final step of your paperwork.