Website Development

Website Development

We create creative and outstanding sites to meet your needs and this is just to show your utility in a very creative way by using free work and modern web techniques to manage your business, not only this but also we provide you with a daily, weekly and yearly reports to make you up-to-date with the detailed analysis, and providing you with a reliable web hosting service.

Mobile Applications

We customize creative yet easy to use Android & IOS applications for smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other devices supporting Android & IOS and this is by using Algorithm equations just to make it easy to use for all of your clients and to take your utility to a whole new level of sales and benefits.


We perfectly do Content Development & Optimization, Keyword Research, SEO Metadata Best Practices, Social Media Metadata: Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards, Analytics, and Reporting, Local SEO Services, & SEO Audits.

Campaign Strategy

Simply we can generate campaign creative ideas to your utility which helps it to reach a whole new level of sales, and largest number of audiences, and this is starting from ideation, Slogans, Logo, creative campaign name, launching on all the social media platforms, & etc.


Branding Is a process that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of its customers, so we as Localz creative team create a unique name, catchy image and identity throughout a consistent theme with our advertising campaigns, and we also establish a significant market that attracts and retains loyal customers to our clients.

Video Animation

We perfectly do Explainer Videos, Product Promotions, Animated Web demos, & 3D videos.

Digital Advertising

We strive to give our clients the best digital marketing services as we believe that success is in the integration of digital marketing strategies with one another, and this is just to achieve one goal which is GROWTH!

Media Planning

We can provide you with an outstanding Market analysis, Demographic analysis, Qualitative research, Competitive media analysis, advertising media planning, Media research, Media planning services, Media negotiation, Media placement, Digital media planning services, Digital media buying services, & Big data analysis.

Media Buying

We are providing you with SEM, Social media marketing, Digital Marketing, & GDN services as our main goal of is not only to rank your business #1, but our main goal is to generate leads and sales for your business.

Graphic Designing

Fun and creativity are essential parts of communicating your desired message to your audience in order to achieve any goal. Graphic designing is something that drives and attracts consumers to brands, and that’s why graphic designing is an important and essential part of marketing and branding that we take care of at Localz.