You are 4 steps away from discovering & tailoring your buyer personas

You are 4 steps away from discovering & tailoring your buyer personas

inMay 11, 2021

One of the main reasons behind brands’ epic fail, promoting and distributing content about their brand is their miss-conceptual perspective about what content marketing is. Marketers usually dig for what they think appealing, instead of merely asking themselves “What would my target audience need?”. As we mentioned before in our content marketing blog that by asking this meaningful question, marketers have to draw a map of brand personas to get to the point where they know the answer to the following: who they are talking to, what attracts those people exactly, where do they like to go, what makes them down, what pumps them up, do they have hopes, dreams and who inspires them … etc. Questions like these create what we know as Buyer Persona, the main ingredient to any successful Content Marketing dish. 


Research, Research, and More Research

It’s super great if you are optimizing your website for search engines,and  verifying your accounts to gain your target audience’s trust, but if you are not targeting the right consumer, surprisingly, none of that really matters!

You can identify your target audience by doing a survey, asking people in the same field, conducting some interviews, and so on. It always starts with “Who would be interested in what this brand is offering?”

Consider your research tools your wing-man; he is the one smoothing things up for so you could get the girl, or in another universe, multiple girls all interested in one thing, YOUR BRAND! For example, if your brand is a home-made food delivery service. Your audiences brainstorming would go like this:

Well, first we have working moms who do not have the time to cook day by day, then foreign and local students who are studying away from their home town in Egypt and old couples. This would be the result of asking different people from different demographics, whether they would be interested in local home-made food, delivered hot at your doorstep. And always remember, by asking the right questions, you get the correct answers. 


Narrow Things Down

After analyzing your surveys or/and getting the main points out of your interviews, you are now ready to break things down into several personas with their specific and tailored demographics, including their age, gender, lifestyle, and so on. At this point, you will start to feel a grasp of your efforts being highlighted, so you could move to the next level and get to the action with your new life-long personas that you will dedicate your time, effort and resources just to turn their heads into your brands’ direction.


Name Your Personas

Naming your personas will make them as if they came to life! It’s like when a novelist portrays a character on paper that it’s so genuine you can almost see them in front of you. By doing so, you will dedicate your content specifically for them, knowing that when this post, article, one-liner or/ and email is for “Gina”, you know precisely that Gina is fun, she is always in a hurry and she is a mom of two, this is exactly why you will use humor in your content’s tone of voice, keep it short and practical, just like how Gina likes it!


 Keep Your Eyes On The Ball

After going through all the previous points, your metrics will give you a glimpse of your audience to compare it to your original results and see how they interacted with your content. Numbers will definitely help you develop, edit, and refine your personas while you’re continuing your long-term journey of content marketing.